Yoga—the path from Movement to Stillness.

Veda Ela's intention is to inspire, share the yoga lifestyle, and take you on a journey of self-inquiry and self-discovery.

Restorative Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

This training provides participants with new tools to take into their practice, teachings and daily life. It demonstrates how to live life at a higher vibration of awareness, accept the self and others, and care for planet Earth. 

One of the training's key advantages is that it gives the space and time to integrate its teachings. In this way, students take the next step only when they're ready and every new thing learned rests on a rock-solid foundation.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something intense or instead seek relaxation; whether you’re a beginner or advanced. Veda Ela Yoga will have a class to suit your needs.


These workshops offer the tools of Yoga for personal growth. They’ll expand your yogic horizon beyond the walls of the studio and show how to combine what you’ve learned with your daily life.


Yoga and Meditation retreats deepen one's yoga practice and can have a profound effect on participant's personal and professional life. Come take an unforgettable journey with Veda and return relaxed, refreshed and focused.

A Kind Teaching Style

During her classes, retreats and workshops Veda Ela uses a wide range of tools and techniques. These include conscious dance/movement, gentle yet powerful Asanas flow, Yin & Restorative Yoga, Breath Awareness, Meditation and Self-inquiry. To bring it all together, she utilizes a diverse range of therapeutic tools, props and instruments.

All this lets her students learn how to get in touch with themselves, open the door to silence, move into stillness and discover their dreams and drives.

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Style and Influences

Veda Ela’s yoga and “life training” combines a rich range of yoga forms and approaches distilled into a unique style. This includes eastern and western philosophies, movement and stillness, as well as various yoga styles, from dynamic ones like Yang Yoga forms, to gentler styles such as Yin, Restorative Yoga and Meditation.

The Calling of Restorative Yoga

Over the years, Restorative yoga has become central to Veda’s practice as it merges naturally with her devotion to self discovery and investigating the inner landscape. Through it, we can can rest in who we are, experiences Stillness and observe what comes from Being in the moment, and experience the true essence of each instance for what it is.

The Doors to Stillness

No matter whether students take a class, retreat or training course, Veda Ela will show them how to open the doors to Stillness and Silence through Asanas, Breath, Conscious movement, Dance, Therapy tools, Music, environmental awareness and Self-enquiry.

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Harnessing the Power of Music

“Music can change your mood, heal and help transform your life,” Veda Ela explains. Through her background as a DJ, music features heavily in her yoga work; forming a counterpoint to, and thereby enhancing, both Silence and Stillness.

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No matter if you're new to yoga or are an experienced teacher, Veda Ela's teacher training courses, workshops, events, retreats and classes will have something for you.

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Thank you Veda Ela for this incredible journey inward.

Last day of Restorative Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training Fundamentals 1. It has been an oasis of softness, comfort and love…an invitation to surrender to whatever is. It is time to come to the surface and heal. Thank you Veda Ela for this incredible journey inward.

Sanne Bolding
The Netherlands
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