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Open to Collaboration

Even if you’re not located in her regular haunts of western Europe and Latin America, you should still reach out! Veda Ela is a free spirit and she’s always open to talk about new opportunities. For what better way is there to spread her unique yoga forms and mindset around the world than to go to new places and share it with new people?

Conditions for Image and Text Usage

Already booked Veda Ela for your studio/event? Then feel free to use any of the images and text found here to promote her on your studio website. 

That’s right! As long as you use the text and images to promote her classes, give her credit and link to her website, you have her permission to use them. 

Do note, this does not mean you have permission to use what you’ve found on this website to promote other yoga teachers or other events which do not involve here. Perhaps she’ll be open to that, but you’ve got to send her an email and ask. If not, then you are in violation of copyright.