Different yoga forms and styles

All classes include active and/or passive meditation techniques.

Power Yoga

This form will help you build up your strength and flexibility. Through the internal heat you’ll build up, you’ll help your body burn away body toxins. It consists of both basic and yet challenging postures.

Gentle Yoga or Easy Flow

Excellent for anyone new to yoga, as well as those who want to deepen their yoga practice by going back to basics. Through the Asanas you’ll build strength, flexibility and become aware of body and breath.

Yoga Flow

This Vinyasa style is best suited to those with a bit more yoga experience. During this Yoga form you’ll flow from one asana to the next, while specific attention is given to the body’s alignment.

Restorative Yoga

This form is well suited to beginners as it doesn’t require a great deal of experience. The postures are designed to support, open and relax the body. It works on the deep tissues, nervous system and in the process calms the mind.


The focus of meditation is to put the mind aside. Practicing different techniques will help you correct the habit of thinking of past and future, let go of anxiety, and center on the present where life happens.

Silent Yoga

During silent classes, you’ll be offered the opportunity to turn inwards. It's meditative and how yoga was traditionally practiced. To keep speaking to a minimum, changes in Asanas are announced through the sounding of a gong.

Corporate Yoga

This form is becoming more popular by the day for a reason. It gives workers essential tools to eliminate tension, aches and pains created from the workday; thereby making them happier, healthier and more efficient. 

One big advantage of Veda Ela’s corporate yoga is that it can be done practically anywhere, (e.g. board, lunch and meeting rooms). Really, all that’s needed is a space that’s clean and some yoga mats. A second advantage is that whatever people’s fitness level or their ages, they will be able to participate and benefit. 

Do note, as Veda’s schedule is often crowded, please book a Corporate Yoga class well in advance.

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One-on-one Yoga Sessions

In India, the traditional way yoga was taught is one-on-one. This way of learning is exceptionally rewarding as it means classes can be specifically tailored to you needs, strengths and weaknesses.

These classes are ideal for people who are recovering from an illness or injury, long-term practitioners looking to go deeper, and those who don’t have much free time. 

To book a one-on-one session, please book in advance with the studio where Veda Ela will be teaching or write to:

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