Course description

The practice of self enquiry and compassion towards ourselves & to others is a part of the foundations of Yoga. It brings forth the entire energy of our being with love and courage.

In this workshop we melt away tensions and emotions first  through a kind and soft dance and free movement. Paying attention to the sensations of breath to create radical presence.

Restorative Yoga poses focus on healing through rest and the profound experience of being in contrast to doing.

The practice of Yin yoga together with affirmations enhances our intention of being compassionate.

Meditation is the art of listening inwardly for guidance in the midst of daily life. Practicing “Lovingkindness” -a meditation from buddhist back-round-  we find compassion in ourselves and spread it to others.

For whom is this workshop?

This workshop is open to yoga teachers, therapists, body workers, meditators and yoga students who would like to integrate the quality of compassion in their professional and in daily life.

Yoga Studios/Bookings

You can book this workshop now at the following studios.